Vaping with the MVP

One of my favorite box mods ever is the Ikonnin iTaste MVP. If you’re not familiar with this device, its a small form box mod made by Innokin. Its really one of the most hassle free mods I’ve ever used and when I travel this is about all I take with me.

So this is the second version of the MVP. The main difference is that this version 2 adds variable wattage. The first version was variable voltage only which was okay, but version 2 is both variable voltage and variable wattage.

iTaste MVP

I mentioned that I like to travel with this mod. The main reason I say that is that this thing is completely hassle free. The internal battery is fixed, in other words you can’t remove it. But it lasts me at least 2 or 3 days without needing a recharge. The other cool thing about this mod is that you can charge an external USB device such as your cell phone. This makes it ideal for trips where you need extra power for other things.

And finally, the best feature is that its completely hassle free. You can’t put in your own batteries, but the internal battery is excellent. I literally never have to mess with this mod. I just throw it in my bag and I vape as much as I like when I like while I’m on business trips.

Check it out for yourself and get an iTaste MVP today!

The Innokin iClear 30B

If you’re into the range of clearomizer’s available out there, you might want to check out some of the new offerings from Innokin. The iClear 30B is the newest in the iClear line and these look to be quite promising.

So if you’re not familiar with clearomizers, they are tank based systems that you can buy replaceable coils to use with. This is great for vapers that don’t want to build their own.

Check out this review from Riptrippers, he goes through the iClear 30B in great depth and shows you all of the pros and cons with the tank.

Vamo V5

Its hard to find someone who doesn’t like the Vamo. The latest version, the Vamo V5 has an excellent writeup over at VaporMods. There have been several versions of this popular mod and its easy to see why. Essentially all versions are improvements in the electronics and screen readout but they all feature the same wonderful performance that powers just about any tank you throw on it.

The Vamo V5 offers 3 buttons and an OLED screen on the unit. The top two small buttons control the voltage or wattage (depending on how you have it set). If you want to check the battery life, press and hold the left button for a few seconds and you’ll see the remaining battery power on the screen. If you want to check the ohms on your coil – hold down the right button for several seconds and you’ll see the resistance reading. The third and largest button is simply to fire the unit.

This mod does feature pulse width modulation so you’ll feel it flutter as you vape. Personally I have no issue with this whatsoever. One other nice plus is that you can switch the power setting to RMS or MEAN. I don’t know anyone who vapes in “Mean” so again – non-issue, but you do have the option.


You can use the mod with either an 18650 battery or a single 18350 by switching in and out the extension tube. Its amazing. I think you can stack 2 18350’s as well.

Check out the review – this mod looks really solid!

The Nemesis Mod


The Atmomizani Nemesis is one of the nicest mechanical mods you can possibly buy. Its also quite expensive. However – there are clones that exist and from the reviews I’ve read – the clones are almost indiscernible from an original Nemesis with the exception of the logo being screen printed rather than laser etched.

Grimm Green has an excellent review of the Nemesis mod and explains why he likes it so much. Its a great review and has left me really wanting one of these things. They run over $200 for a real Nemesis and the clones can be purchased from places like FastTech for $40 or less.

Now you have to be willing to get into the mechanical mode culture – its very different from the standard APV vv/vw mods like the Vamo or the ZMax, but if you like to fiddle with things and customize everything – mechanical mods can be an extremely rewarding experience. So you have to figure out what’s going to work best for you, but Mechanicals are very much worth the investment if you have the time and desire to experiment and fine tune everything.

I’ve embedded Grimm’s video here so check it out!